Tuesday, February 12, 2019

005 : 10 Multiple Choice Question Test on G.K.

Here is a Ten Multiple Choice Question Test on your favorite subject. These questions can be answered online, and score can be checked by clicking `getscore` button at the top of the questions or at the bottom of the questions. There are minus marks of 0.5 (half mark) for each wrong answer. If any questions are left out, there will be no change in score. Answers for each question can also be checked by moving your mouse on the word `mouse` at the end of each question. You can try and retry any number of times.

You will get your scoresheet here

1: ORGANISATIONAL BEHAVIOR - Employees putting minimal efforts may be experiencing ___ work satisfaction.
11210 a`resigned b`constructive c`active d`creative --mouse here to see answers.

2: BANKING: Which of the following is true:
21594 a`NO Primary Credit Society can use the suffix ~bank~ in its name b`some permitted Primary Credit Societies can use the name ~bank~ c`Primary Credit Societies with Capital of Rs. 1 crore and above can use the name ~bank~ d`none --mouse here to see answers.

3: PATHOLOGY - excessive development of breasts in males :
7124 a`amastia b`gynecomastia c`teratoma d`acromegaly --mouse here to see answers.

4: INDIAN CENSUS - a little under ___ lives in urban agglomerates of India.
13823 a`1/3rd b`half c`1/4th d`1/5th --mouse here to see answers.

4571 a`hypotension b`hypertension c`orthostatic hypertension d`portal hypertension --mouse here to see answers.

6: PATHOPHYSIOLOGY - COELIAC DISEASE - relates to cavity/cavities in:
2385 a`brain b`chest c`abdomen d`testes --mouse here to see answers.

7: chemistry - XANTHIC acid contains
11291 a`chlorine b`bromine c`iodine d`sulphur --mouse here to see answers.

8: PHARMACOLOGY - NITROSPAN is trade name of
21031 a`nitrofuran b`nitrogen trichloride c`nitrochloromethane d`nitroglycerin --mouse here to see answers.

9: ONE WORD SUBSTITUTION - number of bits that can be transmitted over a network in a certain period of time:
20367 a`bandwidth b`baud c`delay d`latency --mouse here to see answers.

10: BOTANY - SERICULTURE depends on __ leaves.
13108 a`betelnut b`eucalyptus c`mulberry d`spinach --mouse here to see answers.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

004 What is ailing Goa?

Goa State, formerly a Portuguese Colony, a Popular boozing Tourist Beach State, on the Western Coast of India, seems to be terribly, at least politically terribly sick. What else? Goa's Chief Minister Mr. Manohar Parrikar is undergoing treatment for a pancreatic ailment at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in New Delhi. He has also gone to United States for improved treatment, and come back. He is yet to resume functioning on a full scale. Goa's Urban Development Minister BJP's Mr. Francis De Souza is undergoing treatment in United States. Mr. Pandurang Madkaikar, Power Minister has suffered a brain stroke and is receiving treatment in Mumbai. The ailing Mr. Manohar Parrikar, ignoring his own sickness, sacked the other two Ailing Ministers, citing their sickness as reason. What a Great Policy of Disaster Management in BJP?

One Policy in Delhi and another Policy in Goa?

In Delhi, the Nation's Capital,when Mr. Arun Jaitley, Finance Minister fell sick, an interim arrangement was made by giving charge to Mr. Piyush Goyal, Railway Minister.

When Ms. Sushma Swaraj, Minister of External Affairs fell sick, her work was done by Minister of State in External Affairs.

Both these steps were reasonable, considering that leaders falling sick is a natural phenomenon, and nothing can be done except temporary alternative arrangements are made. While making alternative arrangements, wherever possible, the consent of the Ailing Ministers are to be taken. I believe that this has been in case of Union Ministers.

But this type of courteous humane arrangements do not appear to have been made in Goa

If the ailing Goa Ministers are in a speaking condition with consciousness, have they been, at least for courtesy sake consulted? If not, have their relatives been informed?

Notwithstanding the Upper limit on the Number of Ministers in State prescribed by Supreme Court, in view of the Special Circumstances, two additional Ministers could have been inducted into the Cabinet to temporarily handle the port folios of the ailing Ministers, with an informal understanding that they will have to resign when the ailing ministers resign, or that they will be allocated some other portfolios. This is the humane way of approaching Contingencies in Cabinet.

Arbitrarily, unilaterally sacking two ailing Ministers, when the Chief Minister himself is ailing, the BJP Government not only acted apathetically and callously, but also gave scope to be ridiculed.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

003 Who is in crisis? Who is not in crisis?

The Karnataka Governor Mr. H.R. Bharadwaj said that "Karnataka State was in crisis". Which State in India is not in crisis? Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, as a matter of fact are in "Joint Crisis".

Both the States are in the grip of iron ore mining mafia. The mining mafia is with BJP , in Karnataka. It was earlier with Congress in Andhra Pradesh. It is, now, with Y.S.R. Congress. The Central Congress Leadership like the Dhritarashtra of Mahabharata acquiesced numerous allegations against Y.S.R. and the mining mafia, during his life time. The same Congress is, now in loggerheads with Mr. Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy.

Photo courtesy mmtc and Ministry of Commerce, Government of India.

The Supreme Court has appointed an independent team of investigators to trace out illegal mining operations on the Andhra Pradesh-Karnataka border.

Karnataka Government banned export of iron ore from the ports in that State. Then what will happen? Smuggled export roots through Krishnapatnam Port will rise.

While the issue of illegal mining is sub judice, Centre seems to be more keen on settling its political issues with B.J.P. This has forced All India BJP to ignore the corruption of Mr. Yeddyurappa and support him in spite of land scams.

If Governor of Karnataka is so serious about the crisis, why the Governor of Andhra Pradesh is silent? May be because he is busy visiting temples and bathing in rivers and tanks.

002 Why do Indian States spend huge amounts to Senior Advocates?

Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Orisssa, Kerala
All these States have one common problem. River water disputes.The States are locked up in legal disputes.

These States pay millions of Rupees to Senior lawyers of High Courts, River Dispute Settlement Tribunals, and the Supreme Court.These States and their politicians of the ruling and opposition hue, suffer from the same superstition. -- the higher the fees the advocate charges, the more efficiently he will present the cases and gets favorable judgements.

We can get exact estimate only if we can obtain a table with the following rows and columns:

Rows: Name of the Advocate.

Column 2 : Name of the State;
Column 2 : Amount - Rupees in millions.


Details of fees paid by Indian States to Advocates for settling Inter-State Disputes
Name of the AdvocateStateAmount paid - Rs. in millions
Mr. D.G.Andhra Pradesh40
Mr. S.S.Andhra Pradesh50

ybrao-a-donkey's views not intended to be imposed on others

Won't it be adequate to request salaried full-time Government employee advocates to argue the cases?
The States can pay reasonable salary scales to the advocates.

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Sunday, September 9, 2007

001 Langauges recognised by Indian Constitution

India abounds in hundreds of languages, spoken by millions, among its 1.30 billion population. Owing to the adverse effects caused by exposures to disproportionate and excessive Urbanisation, Computerisation, Anglicisation,some of the languages face the danger of extincion. Even the Languages recognised by Indian Constitution are not going to be exempt to these evils of annihilation by a New all-pervading culture.

LANGUAGES of Indian States






















URDU - UTTAR PRADESH, Andhra Pradsesh.